Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Rare Genetic Defect.

"His eyes don't darken anymore," said the boy's mother to the eye doctor. On this planet, that traveled around two stars, everyone had eyes that darken over when the two suns appeared in the sky at the same time. The darkness that clouded the eyes protected them from too much sunlight. When the second star left the sky, the eyes would lighten again and go back to their normal eye color. This was true, not only for all humans on the planet, but for all other animals as well: mammals, birds, reptiles and so forth. "He'l have to wear these dark glasses when the two suns are in the sky," said the eye-doctor as he handed the pair to the boy's mother. "Isn't there something else that can be done," asked the boy's mother. "An operation perhaps." "No, your son has a rare genetic defect. The only thing you can do is to move to another solar system in the galaxy. Live on a planet where there is one sun. A planet like Earth."

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