Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Musica Plant

The Musica plant is an exo-plant from the planet Muse. It looks like a large aleo plant but it has tiny holes in it. When the wind blows on it, it hits the high notes. Sometimes if the wind is strong enough, it can break glass. The plant was named after a group of women warriors, the Musica. Legend has it that a big country wanted to take over a small country. As for weapons, the invading army had guns and glass bullets. The leaders of the small country didn't know what to do. They knew that the invasion was going to happen and they knew that they couldn't win. In this country only men were soldiers. But that didn't stop them from coming up with the idea of creating several platoons of female fighters. The women soldiers were trained to sing in the high notes, high enough to break glass (something men couldn't do). When the invading army came, the men hid while the women warriors greeted the enemy. The invading troops, all carrying their weapons, may have been confused, but they weren't afraid or suspicious. Suddenly, the ladies gave out a collective "Aaahhh......" Glass guns and glass bullets exploded everywhere. Enemy combatants screamed as sharp glass cut into their hands and faces. Some fell but all were bloodied as the Musica woman, and their men, rushed, not to aid them but to subdue them. A few of the females were slightly injured by the flying schrapnel. But they didn't seem to mind; it was a small price to pay for their freedom.

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