Tuesday, April 16, 2013


One alien planet sees comets as a sort of scapegoat. In ancient times these aliens would write down all their problems, worries and so forth on animal skin or tree bark and burn them in a communal fire. It is believed that all these bad things would rise up into the sky, with the smoke, to be taken away by the comet. On another world they see one visiting comet as a sign from God. When God created their planet, the aliens didn't hear from him for a long time and thought that they were forgotten. This idea was reinforced when they experienced bad weather, crop failure and famine. Satan appeared and promised them a better life. The aliens almost fell for his lies until God showed up and sent the devil packing. To prove to them that they were not forgotten, God promised to send a sign; and that sign was a comet. On another planet the ancient aliens believed that comets came from Heaven. When a comet appeared in the sky, it was there to pick up the souls of the departed ones. These aliens believed that the souls of their loved ones never left their world until a comet appeared in the sky to take them away. People would wave good bye to the comet when it was seen leaving their solar system.

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