Monday, July 15, 2013

Facial Paralysis

Facial Paralysis There is a fish that is eaten in Japan, that if it is not properly prepared, can poison and kill you. We came across something similar on one of those exo-planets we visited. These aliens eat a fish, that if it is not properly prepared, can cause facial paralysis. And unless you can cure it within few hours or a day, your frown becomes permanent. In their recent past, the cure consisted of doing facial exercises in a hot room for a couple of hours until the facial muscles loosened up. It was treated like dentistry. First, the patient's face was frozen. Then his face was pinched, slapped and stretched all over the place. Within a couple of hours he was cured of his illness; but he had a very sore face. Sometimes, the rest of his head and neck were sore too. Afterwards, for about twenty-four hours, the patient couldn't eat anything and could only get his nourishment through a straw. Not just anyone can perform this procedure, it takes a specialist. If it is not done properly, a patient could still have a sore face but never be able to smile again. Now they found a better way to cure someone; laughing gas. Just like before, a patient's face had to be frozen. A gas mask had to be tied on and laughing gas is inhaled. No matter how stiff the patient's face was, he couldn't stop laughing and gradually his facial muscles started to loosen up. Afterwards, his face was still painful; but it is a faster more effective cure than the old way of slapping, pinching and stretching. the end.

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