Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Black Sphere

Jim and Bob were lost in the wilderness in their car in an area they had never traveled before; driving over a dirt road that had more grass over it than dirt. They saw something they had never seen before in their lives; a large black shining sphere as big as a smart car. It was perfectly round and it was shaking a little. Protected in their car Bob asked Jim what it was. "I don't know," he said. Heat waves rising from it tells them that it's hot, but not too hot as the vegetation around it is not burned. "Maybe it's some new technology that someone has left here," said Bob. "Maybe it fell from a plane or maybe it fell from a truck. Or maybe someone forgot it." "I don't think anyone would forget something like that," said Jim. "Let's check it out." They walked as slow as they thought it was safe to walk. They were cautious and they showed it. Jim threw a rock at it. The black ball swallowed it up and didn't spit it out. Bob went on to touch it. First, his hand went through, then his arm and finally his whole body disappeared. It looked as if he accidently fell into it. If that is so, then it looks like someone accidently fell out of it; for another man appeared from the other side of the darkness. "What the...," said Jim. "Who are you?" "I could ask you the same thing," said the stranger. "Where is my friend? What happened to him?" "He's safe inside there. He'll be alright." The stranger looked Jim over and asked him what year it was. "2017, why?" "Just wondering, that's all." "What is this thing?" "This thing is a portal that takes you to another dimension. A dimension that is more beautiful and wonderful than anything you could ever imagine." "Tell me about it." ""It's paradise," said the stranger. That's what it is. In that dimension, you never have to work another day in your life. It's warm and sunny all year round. It has all the food you can eat and all sorts of recreational things you can do. All your needs are looked after. If you were in there, you would be the happiest man in the world." "Really?" "Yes." "How will I get back?" asked Jim. "The same way you got in. There's a black sphere in the other dimension and you can leave anytime you want. It's just a coincidence that your friend entered it just as I was leaving." "Oh really. I'm going in." Jim happily walked into the darkness. As soon as he was inside, a confused but happy woman emerged from the other side. She was the stranger's spouse. "What happened?" she asked. Her husband explained to her what had just tranpired. "You tricked him," she said. "I had no other choice. It was the only way I could get you out of there." "We have to get them out." "How? No one will want to go in there to free them. Not if they know that all that is in there is darkness and only enough room for two people. Besides, if they ever find out that there were tricked, we could get into a lot of trouble. I think it's best if we leave." "How long have we been in there?" the wife asked. "Two years." "Two years! It seems longer than that," she says as they walk towards the car. "Tell me something," said the wife. "How did you know, when you fooled him, that I would come out the other side of the ball and not his friend?" "I didn't. I just took a gamble on it and it paid off." the end Tony Sakalauskas

Monday, July 15, 2013

Facial Paralysis

Facial Paralysis There is a fish that is eaten in Japan, that if it is not properly prepared, can poison and kill you. We came across something similar on one of those exo-planets we visited. These aliens eat a fish, that if it is not properly prepared, can cause facial paralysis. And unless you can cure it within few hours or a day, your frown becomes permanent. In their recent past, the cure consisted of doing facial exercises in a hot room for a couple of hours until the facial muscles loosened up. It was treated like dentistry. First, the patient's face was frozen. Then his face was pinched, slapped and stretched all over the place. Within a couple of hours he was cured of his illness; but he had a very sore face. Sometimes, the rest of his head and neck were sore too. Afterwards, for about twenty-four hours, the patient couldn't eat anything and could only get his nourishment through a straw. Not just anyone can perform this procedure, it takes a specialist. If it is not done properly, a patient could still have a sore face but never be able to smile again. Now they found a better way to cure someone; laughing gas. Just like before, a patient's face had to be frozen. A gas mask had to be tied on and laughing gas is inhaled. No matter how stiff the patient's face was, he couldn't stop laughing and gradually his facial muscles started to loosen up. Afterwards, his face was still painful; but it is a faster more effective cure than the old way of slapping, pinching and stretching. the end.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wooden Men

The Wooden Men On Another planet, many light years away, lived a race of people made of wood or straw. The hardwood people made up the upper class, the softwood people made up the middle class and the straw people made up the lower class. There were no men or women here. Everyone was of the same sex. But for clarity we will refer to them as men. The reproduced themselves by taking a splinter, or straw, from their body and planting it in the ground. On this planet, "Chip off the old block" had a literal meaning. One day the planet was invaded by evil aliens. These creatures had never seen a planet like this before. All intelligent lifeforms they had encountered were human, like them. The evil aliens cared nothing about other life forms that they discovered on other worlds. All they thought about was themselves and how they could use new intelligent lifeforms. But not as slaves; they had robots to do most of the work for them. No, they would use 'other people' for 'other things'. For example; on the 'Pig World' lived the 'Pig People'. The evil aliens used them for: food, clothing and footballs. On the 'Cow World' lived the 'Cow People'. They were used for food, clothing and leather furniture. The wood and straw people knew nothing about the evil aliens and foolishly trusted them. It wasn't long before they found out the real intentions of their new 'friends'. The Hardwood people were killed and used to make hardwood floors, baseball bats, police billy clubs and so forth. The Softwood people were killed to make picture frames, plywood, wooden boxes and so forth. The Straw people were used to feed animals like horses and donkeys. Before the arrival of the evil aliens the wood and straw people started up their own space program. Hardwood men were too heavy for space travel. Even in weightlessness, he could 'bang' into objects in the space craft and damage them. The Strawmen were the opposite, they were too light. He could be damaged if he 'banged' into something. The Softwood men were just right for space travel and it was decided that, at first, all astronauts would be softwood men. But this time, this last trip would be different. The remaining wood and straw men thought of their species' survival. The three astronauts would be: a hardwood man, a softwood man and a strawman. They would just have to take their chances. They made their escape and headed to the closest star. They would make it in a few months. They made sure to bring enough water and extra batteries for their sun lamps. Unknown to them, the planet they were headed for was inhabited by Fire People; and Fire People feed on wood and straw

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Musica Plant

The Musica plant is an exo-plant from the planet Muse. It looks like a large aleo plant but it has tiny holes in it. When the wind blows on it, it hits the high notes. Sometimes if the wind is strong enough, it can break glass. The plant was named after a group of women warriors, the Musica. Legend has it that a big country wanted to take over a small country. As for weapons, the invading army had guns and glass bullets. The leaders of the small country didn't know what to do. They knew that the invasion was going to happen and they knew that they couldn't win. In this country only men were soldiers. But that didn't stop them from coming up with the idea of creating several platoons of female fighters. The women soldiers were trained to sing in the high notes, high enough to break glass (something men couldn't do). When the invading army came, the men hid while the women warriors greeted the enemy. The invading troops, all carrying their weapons, may have been confused, but they weren't afraid or suspicious. Suddenly, the ladies gave out a collective "Aaahhh......" Glass guns and glass bullets exploded everywhere. Enemy combatants screamed as sharp glass cut into their hands and faces. Some fell but all were bloodied as the Musica woman, and their men, rushed, not to aid them but to subdue them. A few of the females were slightly injured by the flying schrapnel. But they didn't seem to mind; it was a small price to pay for their freedom.


One alien planet sees comets as a sort of scapegoat. In ancient times these aliens would write down all their problems, worries and so forth on animal skin or tree bark and burn them in a communal fire. It is believed that all these bad things would rise up into the sky, with the smoke, to be taken away by the comet. On another world they see one visiting comet as a sign from God. When God created their planet, the aliens didn't hear from him for a long time and thought that they were forgotten. This idea was reinforced when they experienced bad weather, crop failure and famine. Satan appeared and promised them a better life. The aliens almost fell for his lies until God showed up and sent the devil packing. To prove to them that they were not forgotten, God promised to send a sign; and that sign was a comet. On another planet the ancient aliens believed that comets came from Heaven. When a comet appeared in the sky, it was there to pick up the souls of the departed ones. These aliens believed that the souls of their loved ones never left their world until a comet appeared in the sky to take them away. People would wave good bye to the comet when it was seen leaving their solar system.

A Rare Genetic Defect.

"His eyes don't darken anymore," said the boy's mother to the eye doctor. On this planet, that traveled around two stars, everyone had eyes that darken over when the two suns appeared in the sky at the same time. The darkness that clouded the eyes protected them from too much sunlight. When the second star left the sky, the eyes would lighten again and go back to their normal eye color. This was true, not only for all humans on the planet, but for all other animals as well: mammals, birds, reptiles and so forth. "He'l have to wear these dark glasses when the two suns are in the sky," said the eye-doctor as he handed the pair to the boy's mother. "Isn't there something else that can be done," asked the boy's mother. "An operation perhaps." "No, your son has a rare genetic defect. The only thing you can do is to move to another solar system in the galaxy. Live on a planet where there is one sun. A planet like Earth."